What We Offer

As already seen in our mission we constantly create programs and strategic partnerships that would feed and cloth people of all classes. We do these as well via offering several products, services and grants as you shall read below. 


The human resource is the key in every organisation. We are open to helping individuals who are seeking for knowledge or resources to invest in agriculture or clothing.

 Notwithstanding we always welcome new talent in our team. We do not only offer training on agriculture. We also train people to think creatively in ways that can facilitate their productivity, health and businesses.

A product of our creative workshop is creating sporting equipment such as weights from scrap metal. Most people think they have to purchase expensive sport equipment or weights for sports. We educate people on how to create their on sports equipment and also offer some at affordable rates at our online shop. 


Apart from our charitable food and clothing donations, we also extend grants in the form of cash and agricultural support to individuals and other organisations that strive to help the society.


To summarise our programs we could say that it is like planting a seed into the soil or mind of an individual. When this seed germinates it bears fruit.  So far we have produced so much fruits. we have fed and clothed thousands but it only began with a seed.

“A seed neither fears light nor darkness, but uses both to grow.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo