As a dedicated community with a core focus on persistent prayer, we recognize that effective prayer must be accompanied by tangible actions.

Acknowledging this, we have launched three initiatives designed to ensure the stability of our organization’s members. These projects are centered around inventive ways to produce food and clothing for all sectors of society.

Our farms yield high-quality, organic products. A portion of this produce is generously given to the underprivileged, while the remainder is either sold or exported. The revenue generated from these sales is funneled into our “Clothing the Poor” program and also into creating premium apparel. The sale of these clothes then finances a self-sustaining cycle of supporting the poor, reinvesting in agriculture, and continuing our mission to feed those in need.

We hold the conviction that the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is access to nutritious food and clean clothing.

We are advocates for the well-being of all, encouraging a healthy diet, clean attire, and regular physical activity for everyone. Let’s nourish ourselves with wholesome food, dress in clean clothes, and stay active for our overall health.


We focus on improving health through innovative initiatives in health care, farming, and fashion.

If you’re in the farming sector and looking for a collaborative partner, look no further. With our own farmland, we’re ready to join forces and grow crops together.

We believe in the power of giving. Delighted by our harvest, we make it a point to give some of it to those in need and use another part to support our clothing drive for the less fortunate.


Maintaining a balanced life is closely tied to consuming the right foods. Our commitment lies in cultivating organic produce on our farms.

Crops such as plantains and cocoa, along with a variety of others, yield highly and offer substantial returns. Through direct distribution of our farm’s produce, we have nourished over 10,000 people.


We proudly reinvest 85% of the profits from our custom suit production back into our farms, which helps feed thousands of hungry individuals nationwide.

Our suits are tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit for our customers, and with every purchase, a contribution is made to support those in need.

It is estimated that the sale of each suit enables us to provide meals for at least 2,000 children worldwide.